Coming up close to an anniversary as a Freshworks partner, we’ve learned quite a bit. I mean, see our past posts raving about how well they do Customer Experience, Chat and ITSM. We like talking ITSM shop, and using our experience in implementing first class ITSM since 2001, we’ve been nothing short of amazed with Freshservice’s beauty, functionality and power. And with that, we have our #blindersoff in which other ITSM products that we have given over 20 years to seems, well, just plain. In fact, it reminds me of the French term “cul-de-sac” which means “bottom of the bag”. Metaphorically, it can be used to describe a situation or endeavor that leads to a dead end or offers no further progress or resolution. Do you feel that way with your ITSM solution? Freshservice is exactly the opposite.

Just like Mugatu’s confident declaration in 2001’s Zoolander “Hansel, so hot right now“, Freshworks is what organizations of all sizes want (well, at least over 65,000 of them). It’s new but mature, simple yet not simplistic, easy to use, but very powerful. It’s what our customers have been craving for at least five years and yes – it is the best option if you’re looking to right-size. And no, it’s not even in the same bag as our past products onto which we’ve rested our professional careers.

Is your ITSM product oversized, or are you approaching the cut-de-sac? Maybe you’ve spent hundreds of thousands, or millions on your software only to find out you only need something that simply makes your agents and customers happy. Are you utilizing smart tools that organize your teams to better support your customers and end users? Maybe you’re using something home-grown or mid-size but just not cutting it, and it’s time to grow. Whatever the case is, Freshservice by Freshworks is the best choice for ITSM. We know, because we’ve seen ’em all!

So what’s so special about this blog? This year makes it special. Extra-special really, because, AI. But funny thing, Freshservice has been using AI for a few years already, the same tech as GPT. The world is turned up and loosing their mind, wanting AI, so now is the best time to use a product that has a mature AI, a leader, not a trend follower.

Freshworks came out with more amazing AI features here in Q3, and my favorite is a thing called Insights! Insights is a part of the product that watches trends, such as upticks, downward spirals, or anything it sees out of the ordinary that’s slowing your team down. Then, it notifies you, the manager. Next it recommends a way to automatically configure workflows to mitigate these impediments with the flow of things. Next is a summary maker that keeps the incident or ticket updated with a summary. Ever get tired of reading through an entire ticket to spot info? No more. Let Freshworks keep the ticket summarized with its AI and your team will thank you for that. There’s a few more jewels, but lets save that for next time yes?

Indeed Freshworks is so hot right now, and with the pace of what’s being released each month, it’ll be hot for a really long time. I’d love to show it to you, but are you ready to take the #blindersoff?