The last thing an IT Director wants is to appear in the annual external audit report for inadequate governance and risk mitigation procedures for controlling access to IT systems and business applications. The only good thing that comes from this is the implementation of proper authorization and control of the credentials process. But at this point, this project will take top priority and disrupt the scheduling of other IT projects.

Auditors also ‘look down’ on manual procedures, regardless of how they ‘attempt’ to secure user credential authorization and deployment. So the best solution is to automate the approval and creation of user credentials. With an automated solution, you have a secured audit trail of the creation, removal or change in any users credentials.

At Dataseti, we have helped many of our customers address these issues with the use of Ivanti Identity and Access Manager.

Ivanti helps organizations improve their ability to demonstrate compliance by controlling and insuring the credential approval process and tracking who has access to applications and data. Both internal and external auditing process are streamlined as IT can prove that controls are in place and fully automated. Ivanti also supports critical internal governance processes like access recertification and attestation.

If you would like to cruise through the audit process and not appear in the final report, contact us today!