I’ve been a work from
home consultant for a while now. I really enjoy working from
home, but it can be a challenging to stay focused and on task. Here are
some of my tips.

1. Don’t work in your PJ’s! Yes, it may be super comfortable and no one sees you, but it could psychologically inhibit you. I’m not saying you need to wear a full suit to your desk, but at least put on some shorts and a decent shirt. If you wear your pj’s at home and at “work” at the end of the day are you really leaving “work” behind?

2. Disconnect. Close down all work related programs and VPNs you use at the end of the day. Disconnecting is really important. You need to create distance between what’s work related and personal. Nothing kills relaxation time like seeing your emails pile up after you were supposed to “go home” or getting alerts that people are online.

3. Background music really helps. Don’t sit there and bang out to death metal or anything all day (I mean if that’s your thing I wont judge). But offices tend to have a certain din to them. Quite radio or background TV really helps me concentrate. I can’t stand pure silence. A white noise machine is a good idea as well.

Stay tuned for more tips!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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