Every so often, we attend events that help boost our overall bottom line. We go with high hopes to reach companies who need help in their organization, whether it’s in departments like IT, HR or Facilities. Going to these things aren’t alway easy either. Sure, we make it look easy and fun, with swag, and even a little putting green to the side, but a lot of planning goes into even the smallest events. You have to book a hotel or convention center, fill it with amazing graphics and signs, send obnoxious emails to customers and prospects, have someone run the event or booth, feed everyone, etc – then hope you get a couple of good customers out of it in the long run. They’re expensive and don’t come with a guarantee, unless you do it right.

This week we spent our time at one of these events. Our goal? Spread the good word about how Ivanti products can bring together and unify your enterprise. From service to asset management, license management, identity and even endpoint (workstation and mobile devices, etc.) patching, all tied together by automation, we can do it all. Ivanti’s deep line of products work together in a way, to lower your overall cost per company employee. This ecosystem of amazing software keeps customers happy, endpoints safe and secure via a great patch mechanism.

Enter Dataseti’s booth. Amazingly, you’d think, “WOW! that background is really nice.. AND BIG!” Well, unfortunately, to me, none of that matters if said background has a critical misspelling. And yes, this one did. “Endpoint” was missing a “d” and I was horrified when we propped it up. I even laid it out at the office before taking it, to ensure it looked good and everything looked right. Before it was ordered, we, without a doubt, proofed it in it’s digital form! We all missed the mistake until it was too late. So, as a business owner, how do you fix it? Tear it down, or improvise?

Well, we did what we do for our customers. We patched it. A patch is a workaround or solution to a problem – whatever that problem is, or er, in front of you. One of our consultants who attended, Jeff Bromberger said, “why don’t we just patch it?”, and I said, “let’s do it.” It ended up being the talk of the day I think, and I believe it turned our booth into a main attraction – I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Similarly, what about you? Are your endpoints, network and whole organization patched properly? Why take the chance? Call us now and let us help. Trust me, we don’t use sticky notes and a permanent marker to prevent attacks on your watch!

-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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