This past week I got to spend one on one time with my son, Hunter at a father/son camp near Paradise Michigan. This camp had no cell service, electricity, electronics, running water or any other luxury. Instead, we had something better – four uninterrupted days of time to grow and learn from each other through God. The attention was all on him, where he was the center of my world, undivided and unmitigated. Never was there a single “No” or “Maybe later, son”… It was all “Yes! and Let’s go do it!”, and we’d be off. All the while, my team here at Dataseti handled everything, leaving me virtually NOTHING to catch up on when I got back. Thank you Team. =)

Imagine, dads, spending a week with your son, learning about him while he learns about you. Imagine being able to go on an adventure, challenging him along the way with achievable goals, and praising him with laser-like focus. Imagine a place so serene and beautiful, where you can stop and be still, be real, and be bold. Without a doubt, my heart was softened and I am changed; I got out exactly what I put into it, which was everything. God put Hunter here for me, and he is my opportunity to be the best dad ever.

Camp Paradise is located on the upper peninsula of Michigan. The weather is perfect with highs in the 70’s, lows in the 50’s this time of year, but that river water is freezing cold! On 450 acres, it was founded by Willow Creek Church out of Chicago, and is accessible to you too! If you want to reconnect with your son (or daughter), leaving all the distractions at home, I challenge you to set a reminder early next year, sign up and get on the waiting list for Dad’s camp 2020. In spite of the cost, it’s truly an amazing experience you will value and most importantly, your child will remember for the rest of his/her life.

-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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