There are two service offerings that IT organizations must carefully
navigate due to the sensitivity of the process and the repercussions when workflows fail. The HR onboarding/offboarding function is a critical business workflow that requires IT & HR departments to work closely together. Facilities requests also incorporate multiple processes that IT organizations must manage carefully to ensure a secure, smooth, accountable process. Ivanti’s IT Service Management solution is
ready day one to meet these HR and facilities request needs!

Out of the box, or catered to meet your exact needs,
Dataseti is prepared to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure complex business
steps are captured and translated into easy to follow requests. Fully customizable and adaptable. Implemented either through a self-service
portal or an integrated Voice application, customers can quickly submit
requests in several different ways.
Dataseti, partnered with Ivanti can unify your IT ecosystem, tooled to react to your customers ever changing needs.

And whether it’s an approval process that exceeds a dollar
value, or a sensitive data source that requires extra security vetting, Ivanti’s
IT Service Management platform can provide for the automation, security, and customization
that IT departments need. Please reach
out today to schedule a consultation with a Dataseti implementation

-Justin Webster, Sales Engineer | Consultant

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