Ivanti Service Manager is your Ferrari and if you’re not using its ability to integrate with your organization’s other applications, you could be driving innovation much faster. Many organizations use Service Manager to import user information from Windows Active Directory and leave it at that. Much more power and automation are at your fingertips. Human Resources typically use applications that contain data relating to corporate structure like departments, locations and reporting responsibilities that are not maintained within Active Directory or are the “source of truth”. Populate employee and organizational data from “HR sources” and use automation capabilities of Service Manager to add/update Active Directory and remove the load of thee repetitive tasks from your already strained service desk personnel.

Asset data is also typically maintained is its own application silo. Use Service Manager’s integration capabilities and populate your CMDB with accurate asset data and you can drive scheduling of maintenance tasks and automatically develop an audit trail of incidents, problem, changes as well as standard maintenance. As you can see, integration and automation can play a big role in getting the most from your investment.

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-Chet Goodin, Senior Consultant

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