Do you have teams that work out of an email box? Are you finding it a bit difficult to organize that teams work, or report off of it? What about tracking when something needs to be escalated to another team or email box?

ISM offers a powerful Email Listener that is built right into the system! Your customers can continue to send emails to any number of addresses as usual, and the system receives the email, processes the subject, body, and any attachments or pictures, and creates a record that can be auto assigned to a team. You can use the listener for creating incidents or tasks right out of the box, with the ability to have it create any other business object with some customization. You can have the system automatically email the customer to let them know an incident has been created for them and now they can track the progress of that ticket in the self service portal.

Hey, we get it, email is always going to be around, and sure, it can very useful at times but is it really an accurate way to work and track issues and requests? Let Ivanti’s email listener in ISM give you a better way to work and track those emails!

-Krystina Hodge, Consultant | Project Manager

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