AD is one of the core systems that ISM needs to use to import your employees into the system. Typically it is done through selecting the appropriate OUs from your AD and mapping attributes to the fields provided in the Employee object.

Some of the fields include: First/Last Name, Address, Email, Phone, Org Units, Departments, Titles, Manager, Network Usernames, Location, Room ID’s, and many many others.

Once these fields are mapped you can then schedule ISM to upload the data on a predefined schedule by using a Scheduled Entry. You can also setup multiple AD’s imports into the system as well. ISM also has it’s own internal password system that can be set in the event AD is not available so users will still be able to log in to the system. ISM can also integrate into SSO products such as AD Federated Services, Okta, SAML, and other such single sign on products.

Ivanti also offers Identity Director that offers such features as: The ability to manage auditable workflows and approval process, control access rights and permissions as roles change, and password resets.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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