face it, software audits are expensive.
To ensure compliance, many IT organizations over license their software
assets. This is a costly and wasteful
practice within an already lean tech budget. Ivanti’s asset management platform can reduce
this waste by properly managing the licensing life-cycle. It also proactively identifies compliance
issues before the audit is initiated.

Calculating audit cost and determining potential optimization
savings, can contribute to the business case for an asset management
solution. Let’s walk through an example
to see how it works:

of an Audit = [number of audits] x ([average hourly wage of IT Tech
x average hours it takes to prepare for an audit] + [average true-up cost
for license compliance])

for example if you conduct 2 audits per year, each consuming roughly 194 hours
of IT time (average
IT audit
), and your average tech’s hourly wage = $50/hour – calculate and add to the average true-up cost for license compliance, which is typically calculated
at $263k per 50 million in revenue – you will reach your cost per audit:

of Audit example = 2 x ((50 x 194.15) + 263,000) = $545,415 *

let’s look at the numbers
for potential software savings.
the following three questions to calculate savings:

  1. What’s your annual IT
    budget? $50 million
  2. What’s your annual
    software spend? (typically 21.5% spend) roughly 11 million
  3. How many audits have
    you experienced in the last year? 2

reach out today to learn more about how ITAM can help lower your software
spend. Dataseti, in partnership with
Ivanti can deliver those savings and improve your overall asset management

on one hourly IT tech – approximation to demonstrate calculation

-Justin Webster, Sales Engineer | Consultant

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