Customers love the features that Ivanti Service Manager gives them. One of their favorites are Dashboards! These give the techs, managers, and executives a quick HUD of how the service desk is performing. There are many different ways to create dashboards. We can create simple list view of tickets that includes creation data/time, owner, symptom and really any other field within that particular business object. We can configure them as a bar graph that drill down into what ever is your predefined grouping. For instance, you could have a bar graph of all the members on your team and when you click on someone’s name it can drill down into all their assigned tickets. Sort by Priority, Created Date, Customer, Service, or whatever is important to you. ISM is incredibly flexible in the ability to get you the information you need fast. Maybe create a dashboard for a NOC location where people can walk by and see how busy the service desk is at any given time. Maybe add a pie chart that’s broken down into the services that are currently being worked on. A list of upcoming changes. Incidents that are about to breach. The list is endless! Executives love the ability to quickly open open ISM and see exactly what their service desk is up to in real time. Make dashboards work for you!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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