Ivanti’s IT Asset Management Suite

Ivanti’s Asset Management (ITAM) Suite is engineered and designed to do one thing – improve IT and the asset management process. Whether it’s an audit or tackling shadow IT (unauthorized software), the Ivanti’s ITAM solution enables organizations to best manage a diverse array of technology assets.

What’s Included:

  • Discovery & B2B connectors: Automated software/hardware data collection that integrates with 3rd party connectors
  • Data Normalization: Apply standard naming conventions automatically through normalization and rules engines
  • Software Compliance: Licensing detail to enable better management of existing usage, future purchasing, and fine prevention
  • Action and Reclamation: Insight into what’s being used, length of deployment, and last activity to better define reclamation policies
  • Lifecycle Management: Reduce software and hardware maintenance spend by tracking the full asset management lifecycle, while controlling costs and maximizing value
  • Out-of-the-Box Processes: Built-in ready to deploy key processes. Examples include, disposal, software auditing, contract management and more
  • Service Desk Integration: Integrate/cross reference existing configuration management database (CMDB) systems to provide relevant, accurate asset configuration information
  • Calendaring/Scheduling: preemptive insight into hardware & software needs, enabling better financial decision making
  • Financial & Contractual Visibility: track purchased assets (warrantee, lease, and financial management information)
  • Barcode Scanning: QR and UPC scanning
  • “What if” Modeling & Analyses: Model tech investments and compare against budget
  • Powerful Licensing Engine: licensing algorithms that work with 3rd party vendors such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft

Dataseti can provide expert consulting services to assist with adding or fully implementing Ivanti’s ITAM solution. Please reach out today to schedule a demo with one of our sales implementation consultants.

-Justin Webster, Sales Engineer | Consultant

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