According to Pew Research, 92% of American adults own a cellphone, and 45% own a tablet. Now days we can order, unlock, navigate, research and even run a business all from super computers that fit in the palm of our hands. This convenience allows us to be more efficient and makes us feel empowered. If it can’t be done on a phone or tablet, chances are it will either not get done, or people will drag their feet to complete the task. This cultural shift has made its way into the workplace and has helped to drive ITSM into the mobile space. End users have come to expect the same convenience and efficiency at work as they do in their personal lives. Companies are accomplishing this by changing the way they deliver technology. This is driving up end user adoption and increasing usage of new technologies.


Dataseti partnered with Ivanti is here to help facilitate this cultural change in the workplace. Let the team at Dataseti show you what it’s like to give your end users the power and convenience they are looking for in an ITSM solution. Ivanti Service Manager offers a mobile self  service portal with a sleek intuitive mobile design, that is compatible with any mobile device. This one stop shop offers a fully customizable platform for users to get questions answered, log and track tickets and stay up to date with announcements within the organization, any time, anywhere, all from your phone or tablet.


Our team would love the opportunity to demo this amazing ITIL inspired ITSM solution and help your company navigate the transition into the mobile space.

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-Dominick Raya, Sales Engineer | Consultant

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