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  1. Improved their Self Service Portal – With everyone working from home it became very important for my clients to be able to quickly and accurately capture their employees needs. Users could no longer walk to the next cubicle to ask someone for help. They took a hard look at their portal and realized it needed a refresh. They rebranded, changed colors, fonts, updated wording in addition to creating and refining their request offerings. They made navigating the page easier and more fluid. They made the overall experience more pleasing. As a result this greatly increased the adoption of using the Self Service Portal by their customers.
  2. Stepped up their email game – Getting accurate communication to your customers is more important than ever these days. Many customers came to me looking for ways to improve their emails so they are not ignored. One of those ways ways to make sure the right people were getting the right emails at the right time. Another way was to install our Dataseti Jetpack to give those emails a pop. With the easy to install Jetpack you can quickly add logos, color schemes, fonts, all in rich HTML to really personalize your emails. Making them more visually appealing and less likely to end up deleted.
  3. Expanded their Knowledge Base – This is really a no brainer in today’s world of remote work. The need for accurate and reliable on-demand knowledge was a big factor this year. Companies needed to document policy changes, make sure new hires had a resource they could turn to, and agents quickly had the tools they needed to make sure their customers were taken care of promptly. Instead of forcing users to look for an obscure document on some shared drive they used the KB in Ivanti Service Manager to disseminate the information accurately and quickly.

There are many other areas we improved over this year. But these are hands down the top three. Going into the new year it a good time to sit back, examine your Ivanti Service Manager and give your Dataseti consultant a call to discuss ways we can make some of the same improvements for you and your company!

Chris Revelia, ITIL Certified Dataseti Consultant

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