If there’s something in this world that I can’t stand, is spreadsheets. No matter how useful one might seem, the limitations are binding and they simply don’t give back. They don’t even play well with other systems! Who wants to be in that kind of relationship? So what’s the answer? A database! I would choose a database any day over a spreadsheet, even if it’s a to-do list that I’m given.

The truth is, databases love you back. They care about you. They cooperate with other databases. They’re extremely flexible and give you freedom to be you, but they tell you when something’s wrong. They grow with you and make you look good. Like they should, right? I began my first relationship with a database in the 90’s. I was new at it, a little nervous, but after my first join, I was hooked. I digress…

Fast forward 20 or so years, database functionality has improved greatly, and here at Dataseti, we love taking advantage of that to improve our customer’s workflow. Whether it’s a hundred or a hundred million records, we apply that experience to every request. Most notably however, we’ve learned that most customers mostly need a way to track their stuff. Tickets. Complaints. Requests, Customers, Sales – you get the idea… We already offer the best service management tool in the world, so what do we do instead? We architect and build a scalable database called Stockroom 360 by Dataseti. Interested? Read on!

What is Stockroom 360? First of all, it’s a well thought-out database. It’s best practice inventory management, tried and true inventory accounting. It’s peace of mind knowing what is where. It’s Just In Time. It’s automation and integration. It’s scalable. Make it better and tie it into your help desk, service desk, ERP, accounting system, or let it run on it’s own. Most importantly, it virtually pays dividends, and it’s something everyone is talking about. Take that Mr. Spreadsheet.

Ok – so let’s review… Spreadsheets are just a bunch of takers. Stockroom 360 is here to increase your inventory and productivity, help protect you from an audit, and love you like you deserve. Ready for a demo?

Randall Reed – President & CEO, Dataseti