QR codes have become synonymous for quick and easy data lookups.  Whether you’re at the airport, retrieving a menu at a restaurant or printing a shipping label, QR codes are all around us.  QR codes are special in that the image generated is built upon a standard that nearly every smartphone today understands.  Instead of maintaining a database of all QR codes in the world and worrying about that database, each QR code image packs all the data inside!  So, that airline ticket that you scan actually stores things like your name, date of birth, ticket number, pre-check info and much more!  It’s quite amazing.

Stockroom 360 by Dataseti now supports QR codes but in a much more simple way.  Instead of packing the QR code with everything about the product, we generate the QR code with the product’s URL page in Stockroom 360.  So when someone goes into storage, they just point their phone’s camera at the printed code for quick and easy product level updates.  Want the QR code to take you strait to the inventory page?  No problem, we can make that happen.  In fact, Stockroom 360 is scalable to print and encode QR codes for any record on the platform.

So here’s how it works. As you create the product record, the QR code is generated, stored and available anywhere you see the QR code thumbnail.  From there, you print to any printer and stick to your product(s). If you have a special label printer that requires a bit of formatting.  We can help you with that too.  Finally, instruct those who add or remove stock, to point and shoot.  It’s that easy.

And that’s the QR code update for Stockroom 360!  If you’d like to learn more about Stockroom 360, request a demo and even try it out for a while!