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Ivanti is at it again, making updates left and right!

This update comes with some Self Service changes, app availability for iOS, and Service Mapping updates.

Updated Self Service Portal

The Self Service portal has been given a new whole new look. All major workspaces are upgraded with a new UI, new icons (which are already loaded into the portal), and an updated user experience. Existing customers can find all the new color codes in the knowledge article posted in the community.

My Items Card Configuration for Self Service

Admins can now configure and arrange the fields displayed on the card for the My Items Workspace. You can now choose what fields to show and at what position. There is a new configurator for this.

My Favorites in Self Service

Self Service users will now be able to mark/unmark frequently used service catalog items and knowledge articles as
their personal favorites. A heart icon will appear on the top right of the request cards for easy marking/unmarking. This is disabled by default but can be easily enabled by setting the the Global Constant SSMFavoritesEnabled to True.

Asset Discovery with Service Mapping

Service Mapping, powered by Virima, enhances ITSM & ITOM solutions giving visibility for impact analysis,
change management risk, and outage analysis.

• Consolidated Agent Framework
• Active & Passive Scanning
• 3rd Party Connectors
• Software Usage
• Normalize, Transform and Reconcile Data
• CMDB / AMDB Integration & Visualization
• Discovery-powered Service Dependency Mapping
• Dynamic Visualization
• Cloud relationship

Availability of ISM mobile app for iOS users

ISM Mobile app is finally here for iOS!

iOS users can now install Ivanti Service Manager mobile app from AppStore and use it. iOS users will be able to
access same features like Android users.

This release wasn’t a huge release for the analysts, but a home run for the customers with all these Self Service updates. If you’re struggling with adoption of your Self Service Portal, these updates may help you win a few customers over. I know I’ve been impatiently waiting for some of these updates and i’m excited to start using them. Also, how can we forget that the iOS users now can use the app?!? This is probably the biggest win in this upgrade.

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