You heard me right, ITSM is growing! Facilities Management has moved in and in big ways.

We always think about making sure users desktop technology is operable, but do you ever stop to worry about your work environment? Facility Management is all about making sure the users consuming the desktop technology IT is supporting is productive by ensuring functionality, comfort and safety of the workplace environment. Think about server rooms, IT supports the technology in the room, but Facilities manages the the ventilation and temperature.

Ivanti has started rolling out Facilities Management Roles and Modules and roles to help boost your Facilities Management capabilities.


Ivanti has 3 new roles for Facilities, already partitioned correctly with role permissions: Facilities Administrator, Facilities Analyst, and Facilities Manager.


Ivanti also created really great workspaces specific to the Facilities team – this takes away building custom objects, or making multiple layouts and forms in already existing IT workspaces.

Work Orders – It is either a one-time job or scheduled maintenance job that occurs at regular intervals to be done at a facility or a site. It involves multiple tasks and checklists to be completed before closing the Work Order.

Facilities Requests – It is like any other Service Request raised by a Self Service user but related to facilities and owned by the Facilities Management team. All necessary actions will be taken by the Facilities Management team to fulfill the request.

Facilities Locations – All Work Orders are tagged to a location where the job is executed. This includes workspaces to store Buildings, Floors, Rooms, and Cubicles.

Facilities Calendar – A calendar view of the scheduled maintenance jobs.

Preventive Maintenance – The schedule maintenance plans are created and maintained.

Product Catalog – Multiple Facilities Assets are added to a catalog that can be used on Facilities Requests.

Stock Management – The Facilities Assets are tracked and managed.

Work Order Project – Large projects are tracked and managed through the different phases, risks, issues, and changes till its completion.

Facilities Knowledge Base – Knowledge articles and questionnaires specific to facilities are created and published in the Self Service portal.

Facilities Announcements – Announcements related to facilities are created and published.

With everyone starting to return back to the office, it is important more now than ever to make sure you have a smooth working environment. This will also allow for more effective collaboration between the people that keep the technology up and running and the teams who make sure the environments the technology reside in.