If you have HEAT Classic, chances are either you love it or hate it. Or maybe you’ve had it for so long, that it simply just works and is the perfect tool for you and your type of business. I began using HEAT Classic in 1994 in college as a help desk tech and it was the perfect tool for the campus – at the time. Break-fix was really the only thing going on, and accountability of those incidents not to mention asset management weren’t even a concept.

Now, the world is changing. Governing entities require more accountability of IT, not to mention how important customer satisfaction is above all. Break-fix is no longer the reason organizations use a product but instead, obtaining happy customers, but how? Incident forecasting, Asset control, and Change control are amongst the very many reasons why customers use an enterprise-wide product. Imagine getting these functionalities, for almost nothing!

Right now, if you have HEAT Classic and are on maintenance, you can receive the upgrade to Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) on premise for free! What about cloud? Yes, there’s a cloud option as well. Why spend time, money and resources to set up a premise environment, when you can simply ‘flip the switch’? There is a small difference in cost to be in the cloud, but if your policy allows it, then it may be the best choice.

ISM is a completely web-based, full ITIL platform for Incident, Problem, Change, CMDB, SSO – you name it. And better yet, it’s set up to tie into all other Ivanti products, so that you can truly Unify IT when you’re ready to grow and mature.

Dataseti is a full Ivanti partner, offering products, services – and best of all, great relationships.

-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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