Can ITSM become a hub of innovation? The research says YES!

How can IT Service Management become a hub of innovation if many in the industry view it as a reactive area in decline?

The truth about ITSM

New research from Enterprise Management Associates reveals that the majority of ITSM teams (56%) are slated for growth, while only 7% will be downsized for various reasons.

The top five reasons for ITSM growth are:

  1. The company overall is growing and ITSM teams are growing along with it.
  2. ITSM is increasingly being viewed as a center of governance.
  3. Research shows ITSM is more actively engaging operations stakeholders.
  4. ITSM is assuming more responsibilities across the lines of business.
  5. ITSM is expanding to support enterprise (non-IT) services.

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The key takeaway? ITSM as a center of governance can unify IT across its many silos, promote and measure IT operational efficiencies, and consolidate insights critical for IT-to-business planning supportive of both IT and digital transformation.

We break it down for you in our blog: Can ITSM be a hub of Innovation? Click below for a quick read – it will be the best 5 minutes of your day.


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