One of the processes covered by ITIL is CSI, Continual Service Improvement. Sometimes this is referred to as Continuous Improvement Process or Program, CIP. All service desks should embrace CIP even if they are not necessarily focused on ITIL processes as it will result in productivity within the organization.

An element of any service desk continuous program should be analysis of ticket classification.

Using this analysis, the service desk can:

• Remove infrequently used classifications, many times I see classifications used 1 or 2 times annually. This can provide confusion for new and entry-level personnel which in turn slow the initial productivity period and serves little use.

• Monthly review top 5 occurrences for training or automation opportunities. Addressing the “top 5” and working to push them out of the “top 5” increases all around productivity. This will reveal a new “top 5” for review as successful methods are found and applied.

• Review any catch-all classifications, “Other”, for possible new classification categories and future analysis.

All CIP related feedback should be welcomed as great ideas come from all shapes and directions. We at Dataseti are committed to assisting our customers starting, running or enhancing their CIP programs. Please feel free to contact us about your CIP program and how we can assist.

-Chet Goodin, Senior Consultant

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