Today’s ITSM systems give the Service Desk many ways to communicate with their end users. But most organizations don’t take full advantage of them.

One of the most used methods of communications are system generated emails to inform customers of an event, like the one below. Note the limited information that you are supplying your user.

Is it any wonder why you probably get inquiries from your customers when they get this type of email? About all this basic email tells the customer is a ‘playback’ of the information they sent you to open the ticket.

But wouldn’t it be better if you also supplied other information that could answer the questions a customer might have when they receive this type of email? If you did, you could eliminate those follow-up emails or calls from the user. Information such as:

  • What are you doing about their request
  • Links to your self-service portal so they can get their own answers
  • Links to other ways to contact your service desk other than sending you a random email or calling you.

Dataseti has a product that installs in minutes and handles all out of the box emails. Here is what one looks like!

Click here to take that first step! Not only will you eliminate those time consuming follow up inquiries from your customers, but you will also notice a nice increase in user satisfaction on your next survey.

-Dan Davis, Manager, Operations & Customer Service

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