How often do you travel? Are you a President Club Triple Diamond Member? What is your favorite hotel brand? Which one do you find the cleanest? Is cleanliness related to the price or brand, or is it hit and miss? I personally don’t care anymore where I stay. In fact, I choose the least expensive reputable hotel – that doesn’t have doors opening to the outside if you know what I mean, and earning points comes second to cleanliness.

But what about that TV remote? Do you ever wonder what the guy before you was doing with that remote? Does the hotel even clean those remotes? Yes, some hotels now have anti-bacteria remotes that don’t have any protruding buttons, invisible pores, cracks or crevasses and boast about how easily they clean up. Um.. But do they still clean them before you show up? So many questions…

Well I’m here to share a tip and trick that I learned from a good old friend, John Manna. I’ve learned a lot from John over the years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, is this trick, which can saves lives. Yours too. So let me show you how to handle that nasty, crusty remote that you can’t help but use when all you want to do is relax and channel surf.

Step One: Locate the remote. Don’t touch. Imagine the billions or trillions of bacterium or viruses on that power button. Instead, find your ice bucket (probably next to the TV or in the kitchenette area) quickly.

Step Two: Grab the small ice bucket liner bag, likely hanging out of the bucket. Note – If there is no liner bag, leave the hotel immediately. Your life is in danger. Or just call the front desk.

Step Three: Slip your hand into the clean ice bucket liner bag. If you have two hands, either one works. Don’t mess around! This step is critical!

Step Four: Pick up the TV Remote with the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be guarded from the previous guy’s shenanigans. And, for a more secure setup, place a rubber band over and around your wrist to ensure your ice bucket liner bag doesn’t fall off that hand.

Way to go! Now you’re ready to channel surf and enjoy your stay without risk! Again, Dataseti’s here for you! Stay tuned for a follow up tip, How to protect your head from airborne flu-like viruses. Rubber band optional.


-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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