Out of Control

Oh Microsoft Excel… How you love fostering chaos. Let me paint the picture. X years ago, you were asked to count all of your assets in the company. So, you do what we all do – create a new Excel document. You begin with a few columns; Asset Number (If you’re lucky), Serial Number, Make, Model, Assigned To. Maybe a few more. Perhaps you keep a sheet for each type of asset. Office Equipment, IT Equipment, Software, Licensing, etc… Then your spreadsheets require more columns and have grown to a monster. Now you’re up to 30 columns or more for each type, capturing ridiculous details like, processor, memory, loaded software, or order date, invoice date, upgrade date, disposal date, status and on and on – and you can’t stop! The number of columns grow and maintaining the data becomes unbearable! Is this you? Are you at that point? If not, then when?

Imagine Control

Imagine a day where your assets are neatly managed in a proper asset management database, in a secure cloud. Imagine your IT Service Desk creating a ticket and having up to the minute asset (hardware and software) information when a user calls in. Or, imagine tracking ANY asset in your organization from cradle to grave. Want to upload a simple sheet of newly purchased computers from CDW, or know what software is entitled across your enterprise? Easy. How about keeping track and scoring your vendors before your next renewal? Piece of cake! Want to automate the replacement and disposal of a certain set of assets? Say no more. Can Excel do that? Hell no.

Solution for Control

Excel is great for small things, but when it comes to managing tens of millions in assets across your organization, you have a choice. Spend all day in something like Excel, or use a product meant to track spending, score vendors, complete workflow automation and notifications – all with our Asset Manager solution. Control what you have. Know what you have. Get it today at Dataseti!

-Randall Reed, President & CEO

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