It’s important to appreciate the depth of available data and how these datasets are calculated to fully understand a support organization’s ability to resolve on first contact. Calculating FCR without understanding the mechanics in the numbers may result in poorer customer satisfaction. Modifying support behaviors based on perceived/timed results can be expensive and worse drive service in the wrong direction. At the end of the day it’s all about getting customers back to work. Ivanti’s IT Service Management platform does that and gives you the full picture to better understand your service opportunities.

It starts with the right data that’s inclusive of the service that you are trying to measure. Should you calculate first based on what’s readily available or do you detail the full picture and work your way back to the data? It depends and both approaches will provide their own unique insights. Dataseti in partnership with Ivanti can deliver the platform to understand, gather, calculate, and deliver service improvements to your IT service organization. Please reach out today to begin that discussion to further your first call resolution results.

-Justin Webster, Sales Engineer | Consultant

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