In ISM when you assign a ticket,(either Incident, Service Request, Task,etc), you have 2 fields to fill out. The Team and the Owner. The Owner is part of the Team you selected. When that record is saved it will then send an email out to the owner letting them know the ticket has been assigned to them. It will also send out an email to that team letting them know that a ticket has been assigned to that team as well. The reason? To keep everyone in the loop.

Let say that owner was always from their desk and they got assigned a ticket that was a high priority. The team would still be aware and be able to act on it. You can setup your own teams in the system. If you’re in the Service Desk Manager role you can go to the top of the page and click the More button. Navigate to Employee Team and click on it. Next, click the New Standard User Team button. On this form you will see what is required to create a team. The team name, team email, team manager, and the team manager’s email are required by default. Also, check the box that says Service Desk so that it shows up in the list of teams.

Once your team is created click the Link button at the bottom of the form. This is where you can link employees to that team. Now that you have the team created and the employees linked you can go back to your Incident form, for instance, and your new team should show up with the correct people in it.

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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