One of the things I come across most when working with new clients is discovering their processes are…sub par, at best. Many of them have used a clunky system where they’re not able to make the critical changes they need, so they invent ways to get around the system. Some out there are still pushing paper around where things can easily get missed or lost. I always love the line “Oh, we can’t change that and expect our users to understand why we made that change!”. Sometimes, I have to sit down and tell them the hard truth. Some take offense and look at me, mouth agape, “Well you just don’t know our business!”. But more often than not my clients will sit back, look at each other, and go “You know, he’s right. We do waste a lot of time”. One of the jobs of being a consultant is to do just that, consult. I care about my customer’s success because at the end of the day its my success as well. One of the great things about Ivanti Service Manager is a lot of the old process you use can easily be automated. Such as Change Approval Voting, Approvals for Service Requests, Triaging Tickets, the use of Email Listeners to parse emails from customers and create Incidents. That’s just a few things from the system side. Companies must also be willing to look internally at themselves and evaluate whether they are actually getting any value in what they do day to day. Time is money, old but true. Many times an old process that’s been around since the dinosaurs is really just gumming up the works because no one took charge of it and tried to make improvements. Sometimes, employees don’t even know where to start to make changes. That’s where a good first start is to hire a consultant to look at your company’s policies with no bias. It also helps to have a reliable, auditable, easily accessible ITXM system to automate, or just streamline your out of date processes. Next time you’re sitting there wondering “Who made this dumb process?” let an expert come in and give you a little advice. Here at Dataseti we are the experts in ITXM!

-Chris Revelia, Consultant

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